Currently Offering Two Internship Opportunities (please apply for 1 ONLY)

Technical Internships: 

Software Development: Have the opportunity to work with our dev teams: data science, UI/UX, backend engineering and Infrastructure team.
Product Ninjas: They work closely with the backend product engineers to implement new features and provide hands-on support to our clients and devs.

Non-Technical Internships: 

Business Development: The business dev role takes you on an exciting trip where you have to use your innovation, business acumen and creativity to help the team identify, approach and seal businesses that would benefit from our services.
Client Success: This team gives you an overall perspective of how the company can best serve its clients. It’s also a great opportunity to allow you to work in a diverse team spread across different countries.

We’re glad you’re here and are ready to apply to join us. We’ve tried to make the experience as seamless as possible. Our main aim is to get to know you through this process, so this is how it’ll go:


Just a couple questions to register and a consequent few to get to understand how you would fit into our organization

The Challenge

The challenge segment of your application is designed by the team you’d potentially be working with to gauge your technical proficiency and allow us to have an overview of which projects would be fun for you and would spark growth

People and Culture

An informal face to face interview with a member of our team to get to know you better and know how we can help you achieve your goals during your time with us.

We’ve worked hard to design a diverse, super fun and really invigorating program. In three months with us we think you’ll really enjoy:

  • Working with great teams across 10 countries to help Pan African Business
  • Having the freedom to find your own path through experimenting with the kind of projects you would like to work on with the guidance of really awesome team members
  • Creating your career path through getting perspective on what it means to work in a Pan African Company
  • Making new life-long friends from all over the world

Major Dates

Applications open: 16th November 2018
Applications close: 30th November 2018
Challenge dates: 3rd & 4th December 2018
Final interview dates: 10th to 14th December 2018
Official Program Start Date: 3rd January 2019