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Discover intuitive and efficient ATS tools to modernize your hiring process, from sourcing candidates to managing your recruitment workflow  – with Shortlist’s HR software.
Shortlist Connect- Applicant tracking system

Over 500 companies trust Shortlist to build their teams

Shortlist Connect - Applicant Tracking System

A complete suite of world-class HR software recruitment features

Build your own careers page

Use our HR software platform to promote and strengthen your company’s employer brand to attract top talent.

Streamline your sourcing process

Post open roles at your company to multiple job boards – including LinkedIn – with just one click and at no extra cost.

Pinpoint top talent with digital screening tools

No more manual CV reviews! With an automated screening process, you can identify the best candidate for each role.

Consolidate and track your candidate funnel

Save time by managing all of your jobs and applications with a single ATS tool that automates your workflows.

Unique dedicated support

Our platform is proudly made in Kenya, meaning you get access to local support and talent, when and where you need it.

Kenya’s top companies get results with Shortlist HR software

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