Market Research Officer

BURN Manufacturing
Full time
Apply by 29 May 2021

Job description

Job Description

The ideal candidate must possess knowledge and experience in developing, planning and executing quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in all stages of product life cycle from product ideation to commercialization.           

The Employee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

Spearhead and take ownership in the design and execution of research studies and projects

  • Create study plans.
  • Explore and develop new methodologies.
  • Lead in execution of the plans.
  • Oversee preparation of field activities (focus groups, field surveys, in-person interviews, home visits, phone calls)
  • Develop questionnaires and surveys
  • Plan logistics- identify and recruit participants, scope location, choose date, and arrange logistics.

Lead Field Activities

  • Conduct interviews in one-on-one and group settings
  • Document, record, and translate responses
  • Coordinate Research Assistant Contractors
  • Lead Home Visits

Conduct advance Data Analysis and Report Writing

  • Perform data cleaning of data entries
  • Analyse the data and feedback
  • Conduct statistical analysis
  • Write summary reports

Assist in evaluations of projects and studies

  • Help evaluate the nature and condition of projects and make useful suggestions to the MR team on best practices and strategies to apply in future project execution.

Play an active role relaying user feedback to relevant departments (design, sales, marketing, expansion etc)

  • Act as “Know Your Customer” MR representative- identify and act on both positive and negative performance trends to ensure attainment of performance targets.
  • Run point on all MR related questions for any New Product Development research needs.
  • Liaise closely with Design Team during new product development and improvement and the commercial and expansion during new market scoping, sales and marketing process.
  • Liaise closely with Commercial and New Markets Expansion team to fulfill the strategic MR needs of these departments.
  • Coordinate and facilitate identification of community-based organizations especially for projects that require large sample sizes and support from the local leaders.
  • Provide mentorship and supervision to research interns and assistants.

Desirable qualifications include:

  • Strong background in research-oriented fields e.g. statistics, operations research, economics, or a related field;
  • Wide knowledge and experience in planning and executing quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in all stages of product life cycle from product ideation to commercialization.     
  • Data analysis ability & solid understanding of commercial business.
  • Good computer and analytics skills (MS 365, SPSS, Excel)
  • Good communication skills.
  • Ability to work collaboratively in an informal, collegial environment.
  • Ability to work effectively under deadlines.

Degree qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree

About BURN Manufacturing

Based in Ruiru, Kenya, BURN Manufacturing designs, produces and distributes Kenya’s best-selling, most durable and economical charcoal and wood cookstoves that also dramatically reduce harmful smoke emissions which can cause significant health problems, even death.

Not only do we sell the world’s most fuel-efficient charcoal and wood household stoves, but BURN is also the only jiko company which manufactures all of its products in sub-Saharan Africa’s only state-of-the-art clean cookstove manufacturing facility. We are extremely proud to employ 225 team members throughout Kenya and support a workforce which is 60 percent female, thus empowering women in roles traditionally considered to be “for men only.”

Since 2013, BURN has sold 800,000+ stoves in Africa. These stoves have helped 4,000,000 beneficiaries save $215 million in fuel expenditures and 2.6 million tons of wood while reducing indoor air pollution by 65%. BURN currently sells ~25,000 stoves per month and are on track to double sales over the next 12 months by expanding its successful model across Africa. 


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