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Low one-time setup + monthly usage fee | Hire as many candidates as you want!

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Multiple digital channels


Role-specific assignments


Human screening calls


Best if you have established sourcing channels, a high applicant volume, and a well-staffed HR team.




Access to all qualified, high-performing candidates from your sources for you to review on a dedicated portal.


Best if you are a new brand, have less sourcing experience, or just don’t want to be bothered with job boards.




Access to all qualified, high-performing candidates we’ve found for you to review on a dedicated portal.


Best if you have a stretched HR team and want the maximum support in finding the best candidates.




Curated selection of 10-15 of the best candidates, ready for second round interviews.

We specialise in early and mid-career roles, including…

Analytics and Research
Business Development and Sales
Finance and Accounting
Operations and Administration

Other features and services

Platform white-labeling

ATS and other integrations


Coordination with existing referral programs and recruiters

Campus hiring

Talent advisory

Multimedia JD

Skills trainings

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Frequently asked questions

  • We’re focused on junior to mid-level roles, especially marketing, finance and accounting, project management, HR, admin, sales, business development, and communications positions. In specific cases, we help with software and engineering positions too, as well as more senior roles, so get in touch to see how we can help you build a great team.
  • We typically charge a one-time set up fee for each role, and then a second fee due upon each successful placement (determined based on the hire’s first year salary).  Learn more about our offerings and service levels here.
  • We work selectively with clients outside of Kenya and India. Reach out to us at to learn more.
  • Lots of ways! See this section.
  • Yes, we have a strategic advisory practice that supports your team beyond hiring. We offer services around job design, interviewing, pre-boarding, on-boarding, retention, HR diagnostics, and more. Through our partner organization, Spire Education, we are also able to offer in-person trainings and workshops to help employees cultivate the skills and attitudes they need to be successful on the job. Contact for more details..
  • Yes! We acquired Spire Education,  a Nairobi-based talent development company, in November 2017. We partner with Spire to provide a full suite of talent services that includes in-person trainings and workshops.
  • We start by consulting with you to understand the detailed role requirements and your ‘must haves.’ You then receive multiple batches of candidates, and each one is based on feedback from the previous one. The faster you share feedback about candidates, the faster we can give you even better matched candidates.
  • We can deliver customized enterprise solutions including platform white-labeling, ATS integration, and coordination with referral systems. Get in touch with us at to discuss how we can complement your current recruiting software.
  • We have multiple offerings available to fit your needs. See this section
  • No, we do not require you to sign up for long-term subscriptions. We provide clients with the option to keep the job open on our platform to continue to see great candidates as they apply for a low monthly fee. You can pause or end the month-to-month subscription as your hiring needs evolve. See this page.