321 Education Foundation is Hiring!Role: Director - Partnerships

Years of experience: 6 - 10 years

Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad. 

About the role!
Main outcomes Director, Partnerships will be responsible for: They will be mainly responsible for the scaling up and ensuring financial sustainability of the organization by

  • Strategic decision making and planning regarding how, where, when the organization should scale up. Director, Partnerships will work closely with the CEO on these critical areas.
  • Ensuring steadily growing program advancement, towards Ignite! reaching an increasing number of schools, educators and children.
  • Implementing robust revenue collection & partner engagement systems for ensuring organization’s financial sustainability and long term retention & impactful relationships with partners.

Why 321 Education Foundation?
Contribute to the growth of an exceptional team on a nation building mission. 

Be part of a diverse, high calibre and high performing collaborative team.

321 has one of the highest team retention numbers in the sector. 

Learn from and contribute to the organization’s distinctive culture and excellent work environment.

Key Responsibilities
  • Strategic decision making and planning: They will be a pivotal decision maker, planner and problem solver for the organization’s scale up working towards areas such as which geographies should we expand to, when should we enter new cities, what kinds of schools should we partner with, what should our offering be, what should our pricing strategy be etc.

  • Program advancement: They will be responsible for creating & running the entire partner acquisition strategy, including the target determination, acquisition pitch, the detailed process, building the funnels and databases, implementation and support systems for the team for providing first class, responsive service and support etc.

  • Collection and retention: They will be responsible for creating & running the entire collection and retention processes & systems. They will need to create effective, efficient and timely collection processes & systems, manage cashflow on an ongoing basis, work with the Finance team etc. They will also need to have a pulse on partners’ engagement by proactively building and maintaining long term relationships with partners while regularly spending time with them on the ground to better understand their needs and problems.

  • Team management: They will be actively involved in recruiting and responsible for managing, training, supporting, mentoring the geographically diverse partnerships team including managers and senior managers. They will be responsible for driving the partnerships team towards achieving organisational goals. They will need to understand, imbibe and model 321’s culture for the entire team.

  • Collaboration: They will collaborate closely with the CEO, other Directors and other teams such as Program, Finance, Operations etc. to increase our scale, amplify our impact and further our organizational mission.

Does this sound like you?
Must Haves:

  • 2-5 years of experience in business development, strategic partnerships.
  • Experience in stakeholder management both internal and external. 
  • Demonstrated record of strong interpersonal skills and good judgment.
  • An eye for detail and love for systems and structures.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • Experience in working in a mid-sized firm or growing startup. 
  • Experience with managing a remote team.
  • Experience in data analysis and interpretation.

Culture fit:

  • Aligned with the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Should be a team player with an ability to build authentic relations and invest others.
  • Values excellence and finds joy in overall organizational growth and development.