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Deputy Director - Fundraising

One Acre Fund
Full time
Apply by 10 August 2020

Job description

About One Acre Fund

Founded in 2006, One Acre Fund supplies 1 million smallholder farmers with the agricultural services they need to make their farms vastly more productive. They provide quality farm supplies on credit, delivered within walking distance of farmers’ homes, and agricultural training to improve harvests. One Acre Fund measures its success by their ability to make farmers more prosperous: On average, farmers harvest 50 percent more food after working with One Acre Fund.

About the team

One Acre Fund is looking for a seasoned professional to join the global fundraising team, as they continue an exciting period of fast growth working towards being the world’s largest and most impactful non-profit organization. To a large extent, their future growth in the next ten years will hinge on their ability to mobilize funding resources and put them in service to rural farmers.

In 2019, One Acre Fund raised over $80 million USD, becoming one of just a few hundred nonprofits founded in the past few decades to achieve this milestone, and in doing so, fueled the field program to end chronic hunger for one million farm families with over 4 million children. 

About the role

The role holder will report directly to the Head of Fundraising, and represent a senior leadership role on the 25-person team, providing oversight of the daily running of the fundraising department and input on team structure, systems, and portfolio.

The Deputy Director will collaborate with the Head of Fundraising and senior fundraisers on the team to pursue an $80M+ annual fundraising portfolio, made up of donors from across the public, institutional, and individual donor segments. One Acre Fund is fortunate to work with some of the world’s most innovative global funding partners, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Innovation Fund, IKEA Foundation, Skoll Foundation, USAID-DIV, and DGIS, to name a few. These diverse funding partners represent high stewardship responsibility, and the role holder will be asked to collaborate across the writing, finance, and compliance teams to support responsible management of their dynamic portfolio.

Key Responsibilities:

40% of time: Daily Fundraising team management. Through oversight and direct people management, this role will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the team across the grant life cycle: 

  • Prospecting: Work with team members to design and evaluate prospecting research projects - to analyze new geographies and markets, identify new donors, and unlock new network-building opportunities.
  • Proposal and report writing: Work with grant writing team to design compelling grant proposals and reports. While this role will not directly write grants, they are looking for a candidate with strong writing skills, and the proven ability to communicate complicated ideas in a clear, simple, and inspiring way.
  • Donor meetings and presentations: Work with senior fundraisers on the team to design successful strategies for donor outreach and engagement. 
  • Portfolio analysis and strategy: Identify opportunities and address gaps across the complete fundraising portfolio.

20% of time: Fundraising Origination

  • Independently build a pipeline of fundraising opportunities, from foundations, governments, and individuals across the globe. Use this pipeline to steadily build your own fundraising portfolio, and to open up funding opportunities for other senior fundraisers on the team, directly contributing to the department’s annual fundraising goals.

20% of time: Team-Wide Initiatives

  • Design and execute high-value team-wide initiatives in collaboration with the Head of Fundraising, including annual budgeting, annual team retreat, team hiring, managing and reviewing team-wide systems/structures.

20% of time: Strategic Input

  • At the Fundraising Team level - Design and manage the Fundraising department’s annual OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), working through and with other leaders on the team.
  • At the organization-wide level - Work with senior leadership across the organization, on partnership design, resource allocation, and fundraising-field team collaboration.

Career Growth and Development

One Acre Fund has a strong culture of constant learning and invests in developing their people. The Deputy Director will have weekly check-ins with the Head of Fundraising, access to mentorship and training programs, and regular feedback on their performance including career reviews every six months to discuss aspirations and career goals. Additionally, the role holder will have the opportunity to shape a growing organization and build a rewarding long-term career.

Does this sound like you?

One Acre Fund is looking for someone with a robust senior leadership experience, with 10+ years of relevant background in fundraising and people management. You should be able to demonstrate a track record of high-value fundraising success from reputable global funders. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Likely hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in economics, communications, business, or international development/policy subjects.
  • Speak the language of business and non-profits/social enterprises. One Acre Fund’s donors are looking for someone with business fluency (e.g. financial sustainability, return on investment, impact per donor dollar).
  • Experience handling a complex scope of people and funding projects.
  • Language: Fluent English.

Persons of all gender, race, sex, orientation, age, and identity are encouraged to apply.

About One Acre Fund

Rural poverty is complex, and there is no single solution to the problems farmers face. That’s why One Acre Fund takes a holistic, long-term approach. They offer a complete bundle of services, using a market-based model that helps their organization remain financially sustainable and expand to reach more and more farmers every year.

Here’s how One Acre Fund's model works:

  1. Asset-Based Loans. Farmers receive high-quality seeds and fertilizer on credit, and we offer a flexible repayment system that allows them to pay back their loans in any amount throughout the loan term. 
  2. Delivery. We deliver inputs to locations within walking distance of every farmer we serve.
  3. Training. Farmers receive training throughout the season on modern agricultural techniques.
  4. Market Facilitation. We offer crop storage solutions and teach farmers about market fluctuations, so that they can time crop sales to maximize profits.

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