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Finance and Grant Manager

FSD Kenya
Full time
Apply by 06 February 2021

Job description


The Finance and Grant Manager, under the supervision of Chief Operating Officer, is at middle management position responsible for ensuring good financial and grant planning, analysis, controlling and management as well as overall compliance with FSD Kenya policies and with statutory rules and regulations. S/he is responsible for sound management of financial resources entrusted to FSD Kenya and ensuring that there are effective procedures in place to facilitate internal controls and accountability of grants provided to its implementing partners. S/he plans, directs, and is responsible for providing quality financial services to all projects and staff of FSD Kenya. Additionally, the Finance and Grant manager is responsible for ensuring effective and efficient management and compliance of all FSD Kenya’s grantees/contractors through maintaining and implementation of appropriate due diligence framework (policies, procedures, tools/modes, systems and structure), so as to minimize losses and protect the FSD Kenya’s reputation. The position provides finance and grants management and administration to achieve project goals, working with partner organizations of all levels. S/he provides overall management and oversight for all aspects related to finance and grants management with finance officers reporting to him/her. This requires close collaboration with FSD Kenya project team to ensure compliance with FSD Kenya and donor guidelines.


Financial management and controlling

  • Contribute to the development of the annual and project budgets by providing guidance to budget holders, oversee the disbursement of funds; ensuring that accurate and timely payments are made to vendors, implementing partners, service providers, and other stakeholders and provide support to FSD project teams in cost analysis, project budgeting, granting and contracting
  • Ensure that annual budgets are entered into the accounting system to support subsequent reporting
  • Monitor spend against budgets and provide regular analysis to communicate status and highlight any areas of concern
  • Review daily journal entries, monthly and annual financial statements, and ensure they are prepared in accordance with statutory, International Financial Reporting Standards, and set internal procedures
  • Review all reconciliations on a monthly basis to ensure these are processed in a timely manner, accurately, and agree to the general ledger
  • Oversee the management and monitoring of incoming funds (grants and investment interest) to ensure timely and accurate receipt and ensure these are scheduled in the financial system in a timely and accurate basis
  • Map donor budget into the FSD Kenya’s accounting format for easy, timely and accurate monitoring
  • Ensure that the invoicing and/or fund requests from donors are made in accordance with the agreed schedule
  • Ensure monthly reconciliation of the expected vs actual income
  • Ensure that all payments and funds are disbursed accurately and on time, and that the general ledger and sub ledgers are updated
  • Plan and allocate payroll costs to project, and ensure that the payroll is processed on a timely and accurate basis
  • Ensure that all matters relating to tax reporting and payments are made accurately and on time
  • Ensure that routine financial administration is carried out in accordance with sound accounting practice
  • Oversee management of inventory at all times (consumables and fixed assets), and ensure the accuracy of FSD Kenya’s fixed asset register

Financial analysis and support

  • Overall responsible for finance analysis and management reporting
  • Lead and provide accurate, timely and meaningful financial analysis to identify trends, flag potential issues, and recommend actions to senior management
  • Liquidity and cash management analysis and reporting

Financial monitoring and reporting

  • Responsible for monthly and quarterly financial and management reports, forecasting and analysing trends and risks to management and PIC
  • Prepare donor financial report for review by the COO ensuring that it is accurate, and expenditure therein are valid and are complying to all applicable guidelines
  • Liaise with the ERP Project manager and vendor to ensure that the ERP is set up to record necessary data and produce desired reports
  • Collaborate with the programme management team to perform the Monthly Project Financial Review and analyse project budgets (Vision, Regulation, Trade, Market information, Payment platform, Government Payments, Climate finance, Affordable housing projects and cross cutting areas), actual expenses, commitments, grant, and burn rates.
  • Maintain dashboard to monitor the financial health of the programme, including surplus/deficit, program income, and overhead, cash flow
  • Ensure that financial records (both system and physical) are adequately maintained within FSD Kenya
  • Ensure monthly monitoring of receivable reports and analysis to facilitate timely collections from implementing partners


  • Support internal and external audits, and/or queries from statutory bodies, providing all requested information and implementing any agreed corrective actions
  • Ensure financial compliance with:
  • MOU requirements & restricted grants
  • FSD Kenya’s policies
  • Tax regulatory requirements (withholding tax, PAYE, etc)
  • Professional standards (IFRS, IAS, etc)

Grant management

  • Maintain and update grants planner and monitor matrix of all grants/contracts with responsibilities, reporting and KPI requirements for each project and overall programme that informs regular tracking and decision making and reference tool for programme management team
  • Maintain the link between grants management and M&E systems to improve grantee reporting and the link to FSD Kenya grant requirements

Due diligence

  • Guide and conduct due diligence on grantees in coordination with project team
  • Undertake partner risk pre-assessments and grant start-up meetings
  • Undertake partner financial, compliance and/or operational audits as requested and share such results/recommendations with COO
  • Ensure comprehensive review of partner budgets is done. Train the project staff on budget review basics; how to analyse, verify and review proposal budgets; how to tie the budget to the proposal, what to look out for, what questions to ask, what recommendations to make, as well as the basics of reviewing partner cash requests and financial reports against budgets
  • Spearhead the grant inception and close out meetings to ensure smooth implementation of the specific projects. Ensure the staff have the required donor compliance requirement.
  • Attend onsite due diligence meetings with implementing partners and provides feedback on the depth of reviews
  • Support and participate in any project audit exercises and coordinate all participating partners to respond to audit requirements
  • Monitor and prepare monthly reports on returnable grants/contracts
  • Provide quality control for financial management of subawards including reviewing and processing subrecipient invoices and cash requests, with more in-depth monitoring when required
  • Review all partner financial reports submitted ensuring their accuracy and completeness, including securing the validity of expenses reported


  • Contribute to design and development of overall due diligence framework
  • Develop and design partner risk assessment tool for due diligence
  • Participate in the development of risk management framework, policy and procedure
  • Contribute to the implementation of the new ERP system
  • Review and recommend update of policy and procedures in regard financial management
  • Supporting project teams on complex procurement

Stakeholder relations

  • Donor relations including specific reporting to individual donors
  • Support to FSD partners on financial management issues
  • Provide team, staff, and suppliers with guidance and sensitisation on improved payment processes, accountability, and practices Respond to and provide advice on finance related queries from projects
  • Advising staff on financial management issues touching on their individual projects
  • Responsible for banking relationship

Carry out any other duties or special assignments as assigned by the management.

Conduct of work

The FM will work as a full-time member of the FSD Kenya team, reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO).  The FM will work closely with FSD Trustees at KPMG who have the overall fiduciary responsibilities of the Trust in line with the Trust Deed. Given the core value of collaboration and cross-working, the FM will also work closely with other colleagues including the Programme management team and project teams to achieve the programme objectives, ensure stewardship for the Trust’s resources and adhere to policies and procedures. 

Working arrangements will be flexible with the approach taken driven by the demands of the role. Communication and collaboration are of paramount importance to the FSD team’s effectiveness. Guidelines on effective remote working and flexitime are set out in FSD’s policies and procedures which should be strictly adhered to. Use of timesheet is mandatory and salaries will only be processed upon confirmation of updated timesheets by 20th of each month. Successful remote and flexible working requires liaison with operations and project team members and the full adoption of FSD’s technology-based communication tools.

An initial 6-month probationary period is envisaged and subject to satisfactory performance appointment made for a period of 2 years in line with the employment terms of the FSD Trust. This includes 30 days annual leave, personal accident insurance, comprehensive medical cover as well as flexible working hours. 

Outcomes and deliverables

The FM will be responsible for day-to-day financial and grants/contracts management, financial analysis and controlling of FSD’s finance and grants activities in addition to ensuring compliance of FSD Kenya’s partners to underpin achievement of FSD’s mission “to support the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya as a means to stimulate wealth creation and reduce poverty”. The FM will be in the front-line in ensuring that the Trustees of FSD Kenya are able to fulfil their obligations and maintain an effective and efficient fiduciary oversight of the Trust. 

FSD is managed on a strongly results based approach and the Finance Manager is expected to deliver specific annual targets agreed with the COO to support the implementation of the strategy and yearly business plan. Programme and project financial reporting, as formally specified in the policies and procedures, must be delivered on time and to the highest standards.

Certifications required

  • CPA
  • ACCA
  • CFA

Degree qualifications

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master’s Degree
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

About FSD Kenya

The Financial Sector Deepening Kenya (FSD Kenya) is an independent trust dedicated to the achievement of an inclusive financial system that supports Kenya’s long-term development goals. We work closely with government, the financial services industry and other partners to develop financial solutions that better address real world challenges faced by low-income households, enterprises and underserved groups such as women and youth.


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