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R&D Assistant

Full time
Apply by 10 February 2021

Job description

The R&D Assistant shall work in close relation with the R&D Specialists and support and assist them in adhering to the research functions timelines and working project trials and execution and helping the organisation scaling its waste treatment production facility in Kinanie II.  \

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Key Duties and Responsibilities:

1.    Project Management:

  •  Support the R&D specialist to deliver high-quality work packages to an agreed timeline, including project documentation (time, task, technique)
  • Assist in the preparation of various documents for use during stakeholder engagement, interviews, presentations and updates
  •  Assist in conducting research, synthesis, and preparation of a summary document to be shared within the R&D team.
  • Actively participate in ensuring the project plan is maintained and up to date with accurate data through frequent engagements with the project team (if applicable) and R&D specialist.
  • Assist in the preparation of various process documents such as monitoring tools, SOPs and guidelines.

2. Executive of trials: 

  • Assist in the design of R&D trials for BSF
  • Implement R&D trials in the field and oversee data collection
  • Enter trial data and manage databases
  • Assist in data analysis and report writing
  • Assist R&D Specialists to carry out experiments and research to support in troubleshooting
  • Provide on-site input for developing new protocols for the R&D team
  • Support field workmen in a trial set up 
  •  Coordinate supply purchase/collection for trials requirements
  •  Liaise with Production planner to utilize materials
  • Manage inventory of R&D equipment
  • Communicate with field supervisor on trial updates 

3. Systems and Processes:

  • Assist in building or refining of tools used in the R&D WoW to increase simplicity, clarity, and general efficiency of processes and procedures to increase the overall quality of team deliverables
  • Share innovative ideas that would assist in addressing challenges that may hinder the quality or frequency of trials to ensure timely results with valid recommendations


  • An undergraduate degree in a scientific subject or an undergraduate degree in Statistics.
  • Basic technical knowledge/experience of research design, process, and data analysis.
  • Collaborative – willing to work with cross-functional teams and stakeholders and able to effectively communicate action points to the required stakeholders for their actions.


  • An undergraduate degree in biological sciences such as Entomology, Botany, Zoology, Biochemistry, Applied Biology, Parasitology, etc.
  • Experience in statistical software like STATA or SPSS.
  • Communication skills – someone who is able to manage multi-stakeholder relationships across the organisation. Great oratory and writing skills as most of the communication in the organisation are on email. 

Culture Fit:

  • Agility- The organization is fast-paced and dynamic, things move really fast and one has to keep up.
  • Someone who is teachable and collaborative- willing and able to learn from others, willing to ask for help, and approach others when necessary. Able to communicate action points to the required parties for their action.
  • Able to take ownership of their work and decisions.
  • Proactive, able to contribute ideas and suggestions to improvements and processes.

Degree qualifications

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
  • Bachelor’s Degree

About Sanergy

Sanergy is an award-winning social enterprise that employs the circular economy approach totreat and convert all forms of urban waste into organic fertilizer and insect-based animal protein.Sanergy manufactures and distributes Evergrow Organic Fertilizer and Kuzapro Insect Based Animal Protein, under the Farm Star brand. We are an increasingly sophisticated, highly intricate organization with many moving parts. Sanergy seeks accomplished, driven individuals who will make substantive contributions to the organization. 


Learn more about Sanergy and see other open jobs on their career page.

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