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New Proposition Development Representative

Full time
Apply by 30 April 2021

Job description

The New Proposition Development (NPD) Representative will report to the New Proposition Development Manager, and work with other representatives.

The principal purpose of New Proposition Development is to build and maintain VITALITE’s product portfolio by running various types of market research activities, customer inquisitions, and industry analysis. The NPD Representative will work with other team members and departments to achieve their responsibilities in an effective and timely manner.

1.      Proposition development

  • Perform product-related research
  • Perform product piloting
  • Cooperate with the technical department to ensure that products are tested
  • Cooperate with the various sales channels to create meaningful propositions
  • Cooperate with other departments on product-related change

2.      Proposal writing and opportunity development 

  • Cooperate with the NPD manager on grant and funding opportunity identification and tracking
  • Cooperate with the NPD manager on proposal writing and submission

3.      Market Research

  • Perform a range of market research activities such as desktop and field-based market research
  • Cooperate with the team members and Marketing Department to ensure that VITALITE’s products are well represented

4.      Partnerships and relationship management 

  • Cooperate with the NPD manager to set up introductory meetings and establish relationship parameters
  • Perform project implementation for partnerships that require projects
  • Perform pilot projects with new partners
  • Maintain agricultural-related partnerships
  • Cooperate with product and service suppliers, donors, funder, and other relationships

5.      Business processes

  • Cooperate in the updating of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Assist with the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures

Are you highly organized, a strong critical thinker, and good communicator with a keen interest in Market Research? Apply to join the VITALITE team today!


VITALITE is a commercial social enterprise based in Lusaka that is focused on having a positive impact both on the communities it serves as well as on the global environment. As a leading distributor of renewable energy in Zambia.

VITALITE is the first in Zambia to offer a solution in the form of a pay-as-you-go-enabled solar home system - the VITALITE PAYGO Solar Home System. This system offers access to modern energy with lighting, phone charging, and a radio, and reduces dependency on unreliable energy sources.

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