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Customer Care Trainer

Full time
Apply by 21 August 2021

Job description

Overall Purpose

This role is responsible for addressing all the training needs and requirements of the Customer Care department for both New and existing staff.

Key Responsibilities;

  • Participates in planning and conducting department and companywide trainings as may be reqired by the business.
  • Works with management, Team leaders, QAs and CCRS to develop Training Needs
  • Analyses and Training processes so as to align to changes in policies, procedures, regulations, business initiatives and technology
  • Determines instructional methods such as individual training, group instruction, lectures, demonstartes, confrences, meetings and workshops.
  • Selects or develops teaching aids such as training handbooks, demonstration models,customer interaction scripts, multimedia visual aids, tutorials, and reference workshops.
  • The Trainer may also work to improve the existing Training materials
  • Conducts refresher training sessions covering areas identified in the TNAs such as on-the-job training, use systems, interpersonal skills, quality & process issues, and product job training, use systems, interpersonal skills, quality & process issues, and product knowledge and to carry out Training evaluation of all completed Trainings / workshops
  • In charge on New Hire Induction training and oversees on the Job training and Probation performance monitoring and tracking for New hires.
  • Reports on progress of employees under guidance during training periods, maintains training records and evaluates the effectiveness of trainings conducted.
  • In charge of uniform and consistent communication of business information across customer care teams and product mannuals

Incumbent Requirements

Education & Required Skills

  • Degree in a relevant field from a recognised Institution
  • Professional instructional skills
  • Effective communicator and presenter
  • Effective course design and development skills
  • Influencer
  • Customer centric
  • Fluent in at least English & Luganda / or a major language found within any of the Sales Regions
  • Able to work well under pressure and under minimum supervision
  • A fast learner who is able to work with tight timelines
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office
  • A team player with high levels of flexibility
  • Good planning and organization capability
  • Learning and Research orientation


About M-KOPA

At M-KOPA, our aim is to increase access to life-improving technologies at huge scale. We do this through an innovative credit model – pay-as-you-go asset financing – of which M-KOPA was an early global pioneer. With offices in Nairobi, Kampala, Lagos, and London, M-KOPA serves over 1 million low-income households in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its commercial launch in 2012, M-KOPA has made its name in off-grid solar power, providing customers with solar panels and solar-powered lights, televisions, radios, fridges, and more – this is often our customers' first access to electricity.

M-KOPA's affordable credit model can also be applied to assets beyond off-grid solar power, and in 2019, we began providing credit for smartphones, which enables our customers to move from feature phones to smartphones and improve their connectivity, communication, and information access. Today, smartphone financing is a rapidly growing business line – with enormous opportunities for innovation and increasing our customer impact. 

M-KOPA currently employs over 1,000 full-time staff across its operating countries. We value progress, innovation, pragmatism, collaboration, and – most of all – our customers. We have been well recognised for our pioneering business model and scale.


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