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Sales Trainer

Full time
Apply by 28 October 2021

Job description

Overall Pupose.

  • The purpose for this job is to improve labor sales skills, drive better sales processes and outcomes.  Sales are the biggest driver of our company's success, so your position plays a crucial role at our company. 

Key Responsibilities.

  • Support creation of relevant annual Learning and Development /training calendar through training needs surveys, assessments, reports, and feedback survey.
  • Define training out comes to stake holders and ensure all activities are focused on these outcomes.
  • Designing appropriate business impactful trainings or learning and development actions that support achievement of business objectives.
  • Deliver high impact trainings that can be immediately applied in the workplace.
  • Drive learning transfer and deploy performance support where possible.
  • Document results of trainings delivered.
  • Achieve 90% and 85% Satisfaction levels, and make sure that all teams are sufficiently trained        and up skilled to efficiently perform their roles

Direct Sales Representative (DSR) Recruitment and Retention

  • Direct Sales Agent Recruitment cost effectively, vet trainees to ensure improved pass rates of trainees in every cohort.
  • Ensure timely registration of all newly trained DSR. Help remove blockers and demotivating factors for DSR, creating an enabling environment for DSR support and performance.
  • Provide regular candid feedback to Sales teams and other support teams on areas of great work and areas of improvement in DSR support.
  • Work towards improved pass rates per cohort.
  • Ensure DSR retention within your control and keeping track of DSR exits and ensure monthly system clean up, tracking of active and inactive DSR, coaching for performance improvement, or understanding of DSR issues.
  • Sub-agent tracking & registration
  • DSR transfers from one service center to another.
  • Pay close attention to issues in the table below and follow up with concerned teams for support.
  • Outage COMMS - systems down, credits not updating, internet.



  • The applicant for the M-KOPA Learning and Development Officer Job placement must hold a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized University


  •  At least 18 months as a Sales Trainer.
  • Excellent Presentation and MS PowerPoint skills
  • Business Strategy Skill
  • Good reporting skills
  • Coaching skills
  • Data analysis
  • An excellent communicator
  • Should be self-motivated & able to demonstrate a drive for results with a professional approach.


About M-KOPA

At M-KOPA, our aim is to increase access to life-improving technologies at huge scale. We do this through an innovative credit model – pay-as-you-go asset financing – of which M-KOPA was an early global pioneer. With offices in Nairobi, Kampala, Lagos, and London, M-KOPA serves over 1 million low-income households in Sub-Saharan Africa. Since its commercial launch in 2012, M-KOPA has made its name in off-grid solar power, providing customers with solar panels and solar-powered lights, televisions, radios, fridges, and more – this is often our customers' first access to electricity.

M-KOPA's affordable credit model can also be applied to assets beyond off-grid solar power, and in 2019, we began providing credit for smartphones, which enables our customers to move from feature phones to smartphones and improve their connectivity, communication, and information access. Today, smartphone financing is a rapidly growing business line – with enormous opportunities for innovation and increasing our customer impact. 

M-KOPA currently employs over 1,000 full-time staff across its operating countries. We value progress, innovation, pragmatism, collaboration, and – most of all – our customers. We have been well recognised for our pioneering business model and scale.


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