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Regional Sales Administrator

Full time
Apply by 13 October 2021

Job description

Job Purpose

The Regional Sales Administrator will support and manage administrative formalities like insurance, loans, commission issues, service issues, organize meetings, organize logistics, manage BTL logistics and stores, calling Non selling DSRs, SMS to DSRs about promos, cost effective measures and manage reporting among other duties.

Job Responsibilities

  • Identify the quantum and Type of work and divide it among other sales admin members such that deliverables are met within Timelines
  • Understand the additional requirements from the business and proactively comeback in case any additional manpower in the form of interns are required to handle additional load for a Temporary period.
  • Recommend for a reduction in Manpower (Interns) when additional workload is met.
  • Design OKRs of sales admin members and set appropriate benchmarks for measuring efficiency.
  • Responsible for understanding PBI requirements of the Urban team and coordinating with relevant people to set up a PBI system
  • Leave Management of the Sales Department. Ensure everyone exits the year with not more than 15 days of leave balance
  • Coordinate and Manage DSR health insurance and DSR clubs and related activities.
  • Manage Loan repayments of FSMs/DSRs/other stakeholders.
  • Ensure all relevant reports required of Sales admin are published within Timelines.
  • Making Sales operations more cost effective: For e.g.: Coordinate with Finance to see if the accommodation costs can be economized by virtue of Bulk booking during FSM meets etc. ensuring quality of stay is not compromised.
  • Coordinating with Marketing & Finance to see if BTL costs can be economized. For e.g.: Working on Minimum stock levels & Economic ordering quantity etc.
  • BTL stores & Inventory Management.
  • Proactive coordination with W/H to ensure stock availability in all shops.
  • Based on Weekly sales forecasts, ensure CC WFM is appropriately managed.
  • Ensure DSR demo phones are available at all shops in appropriate quantities.
  • Ensure all registered DSRs in Urban & Rural have signed contract forms.
  • Ensure regular calls to Non selling DSRs (Previous month 10 points and above) to ensure churn is under 10%.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelors Degree in any field
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a corporate. At least 1-year experience in call center preferred. Exposure to working on a CRM preferred.
  • Basic excel skills, should be fluent in English
  • Should have excellent People skills. Ability to get along with people and achieve desired objectives within set timelines.
  • Should have a cost-conscious mindset.
  • Should have a process-oriented mindset. Should be able to view the current processes ( Receipt of stocks, re- allocation, procurement process, claims process etc., Aged stock process) and come up with proposals which are more efficient and Robust.
  • Should be able to leverage AX dynamics inventory management module to the maximum


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