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Regional Food Safety & Hygiene Officer - Uganda

Java House
Full time
Apply by 20 January 2022

Job description


  • Cooperates in a cross-functional manner as a change agent with all departments within the Foodscape and Branch operations to ensure compliance with the local regulatory laws, licensing conditions and international standards in food safety.
  • Co-coordinating with R & M team to implement preventive and corrective maintenance & identify and reports structural deficiencies in the food operation both at Foodscape and Branch Operations.
  • Helps to co-ordinate 2nd and 3rd third party audits.

Implementation (Foodscape and Branch Operations)

  • Conducting daily hygiene inspection and sanitation (personal hygiene, working habits, environmental) conditions of all production, storage areas. He/she will also carry out quarterly internal audits and ensuring follow up for all CAP’s arising from the same. For the branch operations He/She will conduct monthly scored audit in Uganda and Quarterly scored audits in Rwanda.
  • Manage and maintain food safety documentation and records. Ensure HACCP forms are available to the users, duly filled and are available during audits or when required.
  • Conduct training in food safety and hygiene for food handlers including induction trainings for new staff & refreshers. Advice on training needs.
  • Monitor implementation effectiveness of the pest management program and report any deficiencies.
  • Ensures that proper sanitation procedures are utilized and that adequate sanitation tests are performed by implementing an effective swabbing regime and that customers are not affected by negative microbiological contamination of food.
  • Manage and initiate traceability system established. Carry out traceability challenges every month to achieve 100% traceability within 2hours.
  • Carry out random checks during receiving of items by suppliers and especially high-risk items, Issue FSR (food safety reports) for non-conforming supplier products and assist in conducting supplier audits.
  • Carry out random checks during dispatch of items to branches especially high-risk items and report any deficiencies for action.
  • Send a weekly report to the Head of food Safety & Hygiene every Monday Morning with a summary of previous week Food safety and Hygiene activities for the Branch Operations.


Reporting and Evaluation (Foodscape and Branch Operations)

  • Assist the QA supervisors for Food scape and Branch Operations in Nairobi in investigating food safety and quality related complaints, coming up with a root cause and identify solutions and implement changes when monitoring systems indicate out of specifications, failed microbiological results & ensure corrective actions/preventive actions are enforced to prevent future re-occurrence.
  • Ensuring timely and accurate swab and product testing on a monthly basis and systematically review performance of the hygiene practices identifying hot spots with the aim of monitoring and ensuring proper environmental and equipment sanitation
  • Responsible for the accurate and timely issuing and accounting for all CAR (Corrective Action Request), Pest sighting, FSR (Food safety reports) to suppliers, Micro alerts with the aim of ensuring they are properly closed out to prevent future recurrence.


  • Is aware of the financial implications of his/her decisions, and the overall performance of the section, and takes appropriate actions to avoid negative impact on the business. Such factors include over use of swabs, food wastage due to poor monitoring of CCP’s which lead to food being disposed of and the cost of staffing.
  • Contributes to the annual budgeting effort by proposing CAPEX and OPEX relating to the department both at Foodscape and Branch Operations.



About Java House

Java House, commonly referred to as ‘Nairobi Java’, opened its first store in 1999 at Adam’s Arcade in Nairobi. With the aim of introducing gourmet coffee drinking culture in Kenya, the first outlet was a coffee shop and later the brand evolved to an American diner style restaurant to its present-day status as a 3 -day part coffee-led, casual dining concept.

Java House is now one of the leading coffee brands in Africa and has grown to have outlets in 14 cities across 3 countries in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda). It has also birthed two sister brands Planet Yoghurt, a healthy, tasty and fun frozen yoghurt store and 360 Degrees Pizza, a casual dining restaurant.

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