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Melvins Tea
Full time
Apply by 30 May 2022

Job description

1. Strategy formulation and execution: formulate and execute the production strategy and budgets to ensure that production operates optimally and is aligned to the overall organizational goals and objectives. 

2. Budgeting: Regularly prepare budgets and cost estimates for production in order to manage the cost of production in real time.

3. Production Planning: Ensure timely production planning through:

a) Work closely with the sales administrator in forecasting production demand by forward planning and execution of production plans.

b) Planning and organizing production schedules

4. Production Execution: Ensure a smooth production flow by:

a) Timely assembling of required raw and production material in order to produce sufficient and quality products meeting market demand and expectations. 

b) Allocating work to production staff by dividing responsibilities and tasks across the team to make production more efficient.

c) Achieve the Production Target as per the Production Plan by setting up, monitoring and verifying all production targets of the day.

5. Production Monitoring: Monitor production activities to Ensure production of quality products by:

a) Adhering to the specified standards in order to sufficiently meet market demand for great customer experience.

b) Ensure that all quality products produced are kept in the right place in the store and registered in the system for their safety, easier access and accountability.

6. Production Efficiency: Attain set production efficiency by:

a) Ensuring all production machines and resources are working and in good condition to achieve set standards of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

b) Ensuring minimal waste generation during production by training, implementing, monitoring and evaluating waste generation minimization activities.

c) Enforcing asset care practices to enhance efficiency and life of the production equipment.

d) Track the plant performance metrics and lead the conception and implementation of methods that improve efficiency, utilization rate, productivity year on year on quality, speed cost with the aim of achieving world class utilisation standards.

e) Create an environment that supports the development and implementation of new ideas, improved methods, systems and work processes that will lead to reduction of production costs.

f) Drive the utilization of available automation in the day to day operations

7. Team Management: Cultivate a high-performance culture by:

a) Communicating company policies to production staff through training, sensitization and enforcing the policies in order to achieve high performance and great staff experience.

b) Maintaining discipline among production staff through training, sensitization and enforcing of production rules, regulations and the company code of conduct for great staff experience.

c) Ensuring great staff experience by assigning roles, tasks to each and compensating them accordingly.

8. Compliance: Drive compliance with all safety, health and environment standards, policies and procedures in the plant through training, reviews and taking corrective action to non-compliant employees.  

9. Reporting: Compile production reports and any other report related to production to aid in decision making.


About Melvins Tea

Founded on a passion for the finest tea, we focused obsessively on building a world class company with several strong Melvin’s brands. We flavor our teas with only 100% natural ingredients. The result – A range of teas that were flavorful, fun and refreshing.

Over the years as our reputation grew, and our reach spread, it became equally obvious that people throughout the country shared this desire for a cup of tea that was much more than simply refreshment, but an enjoyable, memorable and a satisfying experience, leading to the launch of our very own first Tea House – Melvins TeaHouse in the upmarket Lavington Mall.

Today, Melvins Teas serves millions of cups a year. The product base has expanded to include lines; not only flavored teas but herbal and fruit infusions including green, orthodox and purple tea.


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