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Trainee Storekeeper

Java House
Full time
Apply by 11 July 2022

Job description

  • Maintains the inventory at the specialized work area in order to support warehouse, manufacturing and retail activities by ensuring visibility of inventory status to the warehouse team.
  • Monitors stocks, reorders and receives inventory at the warehouse store and ensures they are of the correct specification, in order to ensure availability of inventory.
  • Inspect deliveries by checking of quantity and quality of items brought in by the supplier for conformity or discrepancies and report / documentation for a seamless return process.
  • Putting stock away in accordance with the Company’s Quality procedures (stock rotation)
  • Rotate stock and coordinate the disposal of surpluses within the warehouse.
  • Ensure adequate record keeping and manage all documentation to confirm proper stock levels and maintain inventory control.
  • Performing daily equipment checks such as recharging the truck’s battery and lubricating equipment
  • Conduct machine operations in compliance with OSHA standards in manner that promotes safety and in addition to operators manual.
  • Ensure inbound and outbound shipments are accurate and free of damage.
  • Carry out customer orders to pick locations or delivery platforms with material handling equipment.
  • Inspect and perform minor maintenance on the MHE and ensure daily checks are recorded on equipment status.
  • Organizes and maintains the inventory floor area to ensure efficient material storage and handling. He also maintains labeling systems on the stock items.
  • Ensure that the correct number and type of product is dispatched.
  • Restocking of items on the shelves and organization / general arrangement of the store’s items.
  • Pick, pack and marshalling of customers’ orders for delivery to Branches.
  • Participation in monthly stock take process and performing inventory audits as required.
  • Identification of non-performing stocks for an effective utilization plan.
  • Sorts and places materials or items on racks, shelves, or in bins according to assigned inventory location.
  • Checking the expiry of goods by ensuring FIFO and FEFO is adhered to 100%
  • Issues material to customers and in current system based on request specifications.
  • Operates scanners so that the proper order is picked and inventory is managed accurately
  • Digitizes all manufacturing and retail work orders and warehouse checklists.
  • Performing ‘cyclic counts’ and routine stock checks at the warehouse as required
  • Conducting and preparation of weekly Stock taking, stock reports and reconciliation
  • Maintain high level of cleanliness and orderliness in the stores.


About Java House

Java House, commonly referred to as ‘Nairobi Java’, opened its first store in 1999 at Adam’s Arcade in Nairobi. With the aim of introducing gourmet coffee drinking culture in Kenya, the first outlet was a coffee shop and later the brand evolved to an American diner style restaurant to its present-day status as a 3 -day part coffee-led, casual dining concept.

Java House is now one of the leading coffee brands in Africa and has grown to have outlets in 14 cities across 3 countries in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda). It has also birthed two sister brands Planet Yoghurt, a healthy, tasty and fun frozen yoghurt store and 360 Degrees Pizza, a casual dining restaurant.

“Welcome to Java. A home away from home”

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