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Java House
Full time
Apply by 23 June 2023

Job description

  1. Carry out preventive and reactive maintenance of plumbing equipment and systems in Java locations assigned, as indicated in the “Skills” section below, in order to ensure such equipment and systems are functional and safe for use.
  2. Carry out inspections of plumbing equipment and systems in order to ascertain if they are functional and safe for use.
  3. Carry out basic masonry and carpentry repairs in Java locations assigned.
  4. Carry out maintenance-related activities that affect food safety in assigned locations in order to eliminate food safety hazards.
  5. Record activities carried out in required formats for future reference.
  6. Coordinate and manage other technical Java staff or external contractors when assigned work projects, in order to execute maintenance activities in assigned locations
  7. Provide technical knowhow on maintenance, and training and mentoring junior plumbers in technical skills.


About Java House

Java House, commonly referred to as ‘Nairobi Java’, opened its first store in 1999 at Adam’s Arcade in Nairobi. With the aim of introducing gourmet coffee drinking culture in Kenya, the first outlet was a coffee shop and later the brand evolved to an American diner style restaurant to its present-day status as a 3 -day part coffee-led, casual dining concept.

Java House is now one of the leading coffee brands in Africa and has grown to have outlets in 14 cities across 3 countries in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda). It has also birthed two sister brands Planet Yoghurt, a healthy, tasty and fun frozen yoghurt store and 360 Degrees Pizza, a casual dining restaurant.

“Welcome to Java. A home away from home”

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