Frequently Asked Questions

More about Shortlist

  • Shortlist is a platform that matches skilled professionals with meaningful careers globally. We help companies screen candidates using chatbot interviews and skills assessments so that you can be considered for jobs based on your demonstrated skills and merit, instead of just your CV.

  • Visit our job-seeker page to see the current job openings. Click ‘Apply’ to learn more about the job you wish to apply for. Once you’ve decided it’s a fit, click on ‘Apply’ to either log-in or create a new account, and get started on the application! The application will include a short chatbot interview and skills assessments to learn more about your strengths and fit for the role.

  • We review each job application and update you with each status change. After you apply, we review your details, and if you’re a good match for the role we’ll shortlist your profile and share your application with the employer. Depending on the organisation’s internal process and decision makers involved, the employer may make decisions right away, other times it may take longer for them to respond. We will, however, keep you updated via email whenever there is a change in the status of your application.

  • Keep going! You may be a better match for another job on our platform. We continue to post new jobs, so there are more opportunities every few days. Please feel free to visit our job-seeker page periodically to view the latest roles we have. We also keep your interests handy when a new job is posted so we can email you if a relevant opportunity comes our way. Always ensure that the information on your Shortlist profile is up to date.

  • Shortlist is completely free for job seekers (yay!).

  • Employers partner with us to create their online recruitment process.

Technical issues

  • If you logged in with LinkedIn in the past, you should use LinkedIn again to log in. You can reset your password by selecting the “Forgot Password” text on the login screen or click this reset link.

  • The site may not load or stop functioning for different reasons. First, ensure that you are not connected to an enterprise network as the firewalls installed often inhibit access to the site. We recommend that you use the Chrome browser because it generally is the easiest to fix. If you are connected to an unrestricted network such as using data bundles/ personal wifi connection and still facing the same issues, try the following steps to refresh your page and continue with the application:

    1) Log-out of

    2) Clear your browser cache (view instructions here).

    3) Open an incognito/in-private browsing window (Ctrl+Shift+N) )

    4) Log-back in at

    5) From your Shortlist dashboard, click the “My applications” tab and “continue“ on the job you were applying to. You should be back where you started!

    If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please try another device or browser. You can also write to us at If possible, please send a screenshot, so we can see the problem and give you a solution faster.

  • The best way to login via LinkedIn is to be sure you’re logged out of LinkedIn on any other webpage, and then press the LinkedIn button on the Shortlist login screen. It should open a popup asking for your LinkedIn username and password (be sure your browser lets popups open). Sign in to proceed.

  • Broken link? No problem! Log in directly to your account on, click on “all jobs”, select the job, and complete the application.

  • Sometimes this happens if you don’t press ‘submit’ on your application. Please log back into your account and ensure that it is submitted. Other times it happens if you have a couple different emails or applications at the same time.

    If you’re still facing this issue, please email us at Be sure to mention the email ID (or LinkedIn email ID if you logged in with LinkedIn) you used to log into Shortlist so we can find you! Screenshots always help us track down the issue faster, so send the picture of the screen if possible.

  • If you are trying to upload a recording and you are getting an error, please make sure the recording is below 5MB and is in MP3, MP4, WAV or AAC formats. You may use this link to convert the recording.

    Ensure it worked by going into the voice section of the application and press the “Review Recording” button on the webpage so the system can retrieve your recording.

  • If you don’t see it uploaded or added to your application, try to upload it again. If this still doesn’t work, record it on your phone, email it to yourself, download it on your computer, then upload and submit. Want to use your computer? Search for the best way to do it by typing in “How can I record an audio file on my computer?” on the internet.

  • You can upload directly! Under the voice part of your application, click on the ‘Upload’ button.

    Prefer to use your phone to record your voice? Try to record it on your phone, email it to yourself, download it on your computer, upload and submit.

    Want to use your computer? Search for the best way to do it by typing in “How can I record an audio file on my computer?” on the internet.

    The formats compatible are MP3, MP4, WAV & AAC. Click submit once you are satisfied and it will come to us for review. You can use this link to convert your recording to the required format.

    Let us know if you face a problem at any point via an email to We are always happy to help.

  • The fastest way is to use an online audio converter. We recommend or

  • To convert your document to a PDF, go to File > Save as, and there should be a PDF option under file types. You can also go to File > Print > Print to PDF.

    There are also many PDF conversion and size reduction (file compression) websites; google “Convert document to PDF” or “PDF compress” for options.

    If you have Adobe or Preview, you can try on those tools: Using Adobe, it should be under Document > Reduce File Size. In Preview (on Apple computers) open the PDF go to File > Export > there is a dropdown at the bottom of the screen that says “Quartz Filter” select the “Reduce File Size” option.

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Profile or Application FAQs

  • We evaluate your application to see if you’re a good match. We aim to give you update even just to say that we are still reviewing the application. We also keep the status updated on your Shortlist dashboard (the screen you see when you log in to your Shortlist account.

  • You may update your personal information such as your CV, expected salary, notice period etc. directly from your account. Simply log into your account on this page and select the update your profile section to proceed. Your personal data is always safe and protected.

  • If you do not meet the basic requirements for the job, we let you know right away, so you don’t have to go through more of the application process. It’s usually because of a mismatch between your experience and the must-have requirements set by the employer. If you think we made a mistake, please email us at explaining what you think went wrong (150 words).

  • It’s not only about who is best but about who is the best match for the role. The roles we do usually attract a strong pool of applicants hence the process is quite competitive. While we would love to place each individual to a job, we, unfortunately, aren’t able to do so. This in no way reflects on your ability or potential but simply that there was someone who was a closer fit for the position.

    If you have any questions or need any further clarification, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • You can’t edit or change your answers once submitted, so be sure to do a complete review of your responses before you press “next”.

    If you really need to edit, email us at with all the details of what you’d like to change and why you want to change them, we can review the issue and see what can be updated.

  • Double check that you completed all the mandatory sections of the application. If you’re still having trouble, email us at

  • Yes, each application has its own unique questions. However, you won’t need to re-enter your basic details if nothing has changed. If you do have new information (e.g., location or certification), log into your Shortlist account to update your profile.

  • Yes! Based on the background details you gave us, we do our best to match you with any job that seems relevant. Feel free to also check our website for any current positions that suit you.

  • We aim to keep candidates updated as frequently as possible, and will get in touch as soon as anything changes with your application. We will keep you posted regularly even if it’s just to say it’s still being reviewed.

  • The deadline for a job could be extended for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the deadline, each application is reviewed based on who submits first.